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Get list of IAM users and their groups, policies using boto3 and python

Get list of IAM users and their groups, policies About boto3: The AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) provides a Python API for AWS infrastructure services. Using the SDK for Python, you can build applications on top of Amazon S3, Amazon ...

Python Sending Email using SMTP

About Python: Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world in recent years. It’s used in everything from machine learning to building websites and software testing. It can be used by developers and non-developers alike. ...

Bitbucket Cloud recently stopped supporting account passwords for Git authentication

Bitbucket is our Git repository management solution designed for professional teams. It gives you a central place to manage git repositories, collaborate on your source code and guide you through the development flow. It provides awesome features that include: Acces control to restrict access to ...

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